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In this 4-part video training you learn…

Why common intervention strategies fail struggling learners

and what to do instead.

3 pieces of the learning puzzle your child may be missing

and that you’ve possibly never heard of before.

3 powerful transformations

to expect when you choose to take your child’s learning growth into your own hands.

How to create tailored solutions for struggling learners.

No trickery here. You learn all about a powerful online training course for parents who are ready to transform the lives of struggling learners. Even if you’re not ready for this step, please don’t hesitate to sign up for this complete 4-part video series. It offers plenty of valuable information to help parents move forward on this journey.

Solve the Mystery of Your Child’s Learning Struggles

Whether you simply suspect that your child is struggling to learn or you’ve been down the road of inadequate intervention for years now, understanding what’s at the root of your child’s struggles makes you SO much more effective at finding solutions.

Join me for this training if…

  • You’re a solutions-seeking parent of a struggling learner (around ages 8-12).
  • You’re ready for more clarity about your child’s unique learning needs, and how you can help.
  • You want to unlock your child’s hidden learning abilities, self-confidence, and possibilities for the future.
*Educators, you are more than welcome to join this parent-focused training, too!

When I learned how to help students overcome learning challenges (long ago), I only had an inkling about what a rare gift my years with Dr. Joan Smith really were.

This is how you help struggling learners read and learn with ease and confidence? Okay. Done.

This is how you transform the lives of children and their parents (who get to stop fearing for their child’s academic future)? Cool. No problem.

It was easy enough to do, but the information never sufficiently trickled into the school system.

That is why I’m so thrilled to share some of that uncommon knowledge with you.

If you’re ready to turn your learner’s life around for the better, begin Reach the Root of Learning Difficulties today.

Course begins July 8 and is available for a limited time.

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